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CoolPlastâ„¢ - Concrete Finish over Plasterboard (Internal only)


Building Code Compliance

If the project has a building consent then the following clauses apply.

B2 - Durability

This specification complies with the requirements as set out in B2 - Durability which must always be considered when demonstrating compliance with each of the clauses of the Building Code. It ensures that a building throughout its life will continue to satisfy the performance of the Building Code. It confirms the use of materials that will remain functional throughout the specified intended life of the building, but not less than 50, 15 or 5 years

This system meets the expected durability of the NZBC of at least 5 years

E3 - Internal Moisture

This specification complies with the requirements as set out in E3 - Internal Moisture which shows that surfaces in wet areas must be impervious, easily cleaned, and have ventilation to meet conditions for health and safety.

F2 - Hazardous building materials

This specification complies with the requirements as set out in F2 - Hazardous building materials which safeguards people from illness and injury from quantities of gas, liquid, radiation and solid particles caused by exposure to building materials

On Going Maintenance Instructions

Provide ongoing maintenance instructions required to meet the performance requirements of the NZBC.

Building Consent Authority Requirements

All the appropriate inspections are to be carried out by a BCA representative and that it complies with the NZBC requirements.



The following abbreviations are used throughout this work section:

Manufacturers Documents

Copies of the above relevant company documents referred to in this specification are available at;

Resene Construction Systems
Telephone: 0800 50 70 40

No Substitutions

Substitutions are not permitted to any specified Resene Construction Systems system. Materials and execution to Resene Construction Systems specification except where varied by this specification and supported by architectural detailing.


Finish Sample

Submit one 300 mm x 300 mm sample of the selected texture finish and colour for approval on request by the main contractor or specifier. Obtain signature of acceptance on sample and return to the Registered Plasterer.

Maintenance Instructions

Provide Resene Construction Systems Maintenance Guide on or before practical completion of the contract for issuing to the building owner. Resene Construction Systems Maintenance Guide to be provided on request.

Health and Safety

Refer to the requirements of the Health and Safety in Employment Act 2015 and Worksafe NZ: Guidelines for the provision of facilities and general safety in the construction industry. If the elimination or isolation of potential hazards and risks is not possible then minimise hazards and risks in this work on site by using the proper equipment and techniques as required in the MPNZA Painters hazard handbook. Supply protective clothing and equipment. Inform employees and others on site of the hazards and put into place procedures for dealing with emergencies. Obtain from Resene Construction Systems the Material Safety Data Sheets for each product. Keep sheets on site and comply with the required safety procedures. Confirmation at the start of the project as to whether a Site Specific Safety Plan is to be produced by the Registered Plasterer prior to works starting.


Warrant this system under normal environmental and use conditions against failure. Resene Construction Systems system warranty.
Materials: by Resene Construction Systems - 15 Years Materials only
Execution: by Registered Plasterer - 5 Years Workmanship only

Components Used

Resene Quick Dry

Resene Construction Systems Acrylbond Resin

Rockcote MultiStop Bedding

Rockcote MultiStop Finishing

Resene Aquapel - Waterbourne


Resene Quick Dry (over plastered joins)


Apply by brush, speed brush, synthetic fibre roller or spray. Spray application is generally not preferred for the first coat.

Apply one to two coats of Resene Quick Dry allowing two to four hours between coats. Lightly sand between coats. For porous surfaces, it may be desirable to thin the first coat with up to 10% clean water.

Resin/MultiStop Slurry Coat

Surface Preparation

Ensure surface is clean, sound, dry and free from dust, dirt, grease, mould and lichen.


Mix a solution of Acrylbond and Rockcote MultiStop together and apply using a roller .

For pourous substrates mix a 50:50 mix of acrylbond/water and a 1 kg of MultiStop/Adhesive to the mix.

For painted surfaces ensure the acrylbond is mixed directly with 1 kg of MultiStop/Adhesive.

Rockcote MultiStop Finishing Skim/Texture Coat (2 Coats)

Surface Preparation

Ensure surface is clean, sound, dry and free from dust, dirt, grease, mould and lichen.


Plaster can be applied with a steel trowel, broad-knife at approximately 1mm thick (20m2 per bag). Apply plaster only when the temperature is between 5°C and 30°C and will be in that range for the 24 hours period following application.


Render should be protected from hot drying winds and direct sunlight for the first 16 hours. Protect newly applied plaster from rain and water run off for the first 24 hours.

Resene Aquapel - Waterborne (2 Coats)

Surface preparation

Ensure surface is clean and dry, free from dirt, dust and loose material, oil, grease and mould.

Waterblasting is the best exterior surface preparation method prior to painting.


Stir thoroughly before use. Apply by brush, roller or low pressure spray. Recoat after six hours under
normal conditions.

Dependent on surface porosity – typically 2.5 sq. metres per litre for concrete block, 8-11 sq. metres per litre for concrete (tilt, precast and plaster)

Water repellence will reduce over time. To maintain water repellence reapplication will be usually required every three years or when water repellence disappears. Reapplication will be required when water applied to the treated areas does not form beads.


This specification must be read in conjunction with the Resene Construction Systems technical drawings.
No alteration to the Resene Construction Systems RenderSpec® is permitted.
The following Resene Construction Systems TradeSpec® Documents can be found at
All Technical Data Sheets are available at
All Safety Data Sheets are available at