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Check and Prepare Existing Weatherboards

2.18.1. Preliminary Checks

Confirm substrate is remaining in place. If existing weather boards are unstable, ie borer infested or weather damaged beyond repair, and unable to support additional cladding these must be removed.  An engineers report will determine the stability of the substrate.

If the weatherboards are remaining in place check all exposed surfaces of the substrate are straight, plumb and undamaged. Any loose substrate material identified must be removed and replaced.

Fixing requirements will need to be adjusted to ensure accurate fixing of the cladding to the substrate occurs. Screw fixing is mandatory to avoid any internal damage to existing interior linings.

Existing landscaping must be protected and / or removed in consultation with the project owner to allow accurate cladding installation in accordance with Rockcote technical details.

Check with your local BCA as a consent and inspections may be required.

2.18.2. Wall Alignment

Using a straight edge, check joints are smooth and that the wall is flat and true. The Rockcote system installation is not designed to straighten deviations which exceed the specified Rockcote Render System thickness.

2.18.3. Existing Services / structure


All services must be back-flashed against the building wrap or against the existing weatherboards if they are remaining in place.


Plumbing services may need to be extend beyond the 'new' outside cladding line.


Electrical services may need to be extend beyond the 'new' outside cladding line. Electrical wiring must be wrapped with conduit.


Face fixed fascia, roof and apron flashings may need to be extended / replaced to allow for extra cladding thickness. All external spouting must be removed prior to cladding installation.